The Dunedin Cadburys factory. Picture / Otago Daily Times

Cadbury meeting ends in farce

A top-level meeting to discuss the Cadbury factory closure ended with reporters being ejected and the workers' union leaving…

Auckland District Court. Picture / Nick Reed.

Bestdeals 4 You fined $47,000

Mobile trader Bestdeals 4 You has been fined over $47,000 for failing to disclose key information about its credit contracts…

Savings Rates Provided by

Institution Minimum 1 Year
ANZ $1 2.35%
ASB $1 2.50%
BNZ $1 2.35%
Westpac $1 2.40%

Mortgage Rates Provided by

Institution Term Percent
ANZ1 year fixed4.89%
ASB1 year fixed4.99%
BNZ1 year fixed4.59%
Kiwibank1 year fixed4.90%
Westpac1 year fixed4.99%
41 Tane Road, Laingholm. Photo / Supplied

A calming influence

Couple saw beyond vivid colours and set about modernising generous home, writes Robyn Welsh