Savings Rates Provided by

Institution Minimum 1 Year
ANZ $1 2.75%
ASB $1 2.90%
BNZ $1 2.75%
Westpac $1 2.75%

Pack up your home and go

Homework is essential if you are contemplating moving a house as there are perils for the unwary, writes Diana Clement.

Mortgage Rates Provided by

Institution Term Percent
ANZ1 year fixed4.75%
ASB1 year fixed4.69%
BNZ1 year fixed4.29%
Kiwibank1 year fixed4.70%
Westpac1 year fixed4.79%
43 Hackett St, St Marys Bay, Ponsonby, Auckland. Photo / David Rowland, Getty Images.

Leaving it to chance

Sweeping views and an extensive renovation made this couple's dream home, says Robyn Welsh