Linda Herrick

Linda Herrick

Linda Herrick is the Arts and Books Editor at the NZ Herald.


Some might say books editor Linda Herrick had a deprived childhood, growing up in Westport with no TV. But she had whitebait by the bucketload and, just as importantly, access to a world of books via the local library. While she did eventually become a TV addict, she has never lost that love of books. After completing an English degree at Victoria University, Linda moved to Auckland where she joined the Auckland Star in 1985 as a librarian, then sub-editor and writer at the Sunday Star-Times. She has been arts editor at the New Zealand Herald for 12 years, and books editor for a decade. Her tastes are all over the place: some thriller writers - Garry Disher, Peter Temple, Alan Furst (Stieg Larsson, no); history (William Dalrymple, Max Hastings); fiction (William Boyd, Ian McEwan, Elizabeth Jane Howard). The best thing about her job? Interviewing the likes of Robert Fisk, Michael Palin and TV chef, Rick Stein. He writes books too.

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