Smalto presents its collection like a private gentlemen's club

Smalto has presented its collection like a private gentleman's club, playing games together, chatting and having drinks. Relaxation and elegance is the slogan and nothing is left to chance. Artistic director, Youn Chong Bak, likes to realise her ideas into perfection: three piece suits in velour and cashmere are teamed with 100 percent silk coats, accessories like ties are worked in crochet, the reverse collar, a trademark of the fashion house, can be seen on parkas and puffa jackets. Interview Youn Chong Bak :We choose to present the collection this way, because we wanted to come back to the real tradition of a businessman who was used to going to the barber's, to the shoe shiner's, who used to invite his friends to his country house, he was a member of a private English gentleman's club, he was playing private games. Everything was private without being seen from the outside.We go back to the Smalto roots with the iconic reverse collar which we have re-worked on the informal way, like one side stitched on a parka.

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