A woman who shared a sexy selfie on her husband's Facebook wall has gone viral after the ensuing comments revealed that she had cheated on him - with her own cousin.

The story, which involves a woman named Ashleigh Dempster and her husband Tim McGowan, appears to have been posted online by a Facebook friend of the couple, who shared it with the statement: "I woke up to one HELL of a read today."

The post on Imgur includes a whopping 75 screenshots telling the whole story, which the poster then summarized, writing: "Girl posts selfie on husband's wall. People talk about it. Her cheating on him with her cousin gets out. She admits it."

She adds: "Hilarity, cringe, and dank memes ensue. Husband stands up for her. She leaves him to go stay with her cousin."


The posts begin with Ashleigh's racy selfie, shot of her in just her underwear in a laundry room.

The image was apparently posted via her husband's Facebook page, with the caption reading: "Hacked by your sexy wife love you."

The conversation has appeared on Imgur in a whopping 75 posts. Photo / Imgur
The conversation has appeared on Imgur in a whopping 75 posts. Photo / Imgur

But right away, one of the couple's friends quickly took to the post's comment section to call Ashleigh a w****.

Ashleigh defended herself, saying: "At least my s**t's covered', but then the friend, Jennifer Cady told her: 'That's not why I called you a w***e."

After Ashleigh challenged her to tell her why she had been called the offensive name, that's when Jennifer dropped the bomb.

"Cus [sic] you cheated on your husband by f***ing your first cousin, then now you are posting naked pics on his wall."

Then, to the surprise of anyone following the thread, Ashleigh subsequently confessed to the accusation.

"I did cheat on him and f***ed my cousin. Call me dysfunctional all you want. I ain't gonna lie about it," she said.

What ensued were plenty of comments from people shocked by the revelation, as well as one helpful friend who offered a friendly recommendation, saying she should be keeping such a story private.

"It's fine, dad's side and all mom's side knows, don't really care," said Ashleigh in response, claiming that the family found out after her ex-boyfriend hacked her Facebook account, but insisted that "I'm not embarrassed."

The conversation has appeared on Imgur in a whopping 75 posts. Photo / Imgur
The conversation has appeared on Imgur in a whopping 75 posts. Photo / Imgur

Eventually, after being mentioned by plenty of commenters, Tim eventually waded into the conversation.

"Am I just ok with what happened hell no..." he wrote. "Am I gonna crucify my wife and tell her to get lost because she made a mistake, no."

Tim said that Ashleigh came to him after sleeping with her cousin and that he "made the choice to try and save my marriage".

"Love is about forgiveness and I stand by my wife because I love her," he said, and even revealed that he did ask her to share the sexy selfie on his wall, calling her "the most beautiful woman in the world."

After a series of additional memes and posts from horrified friends condemning Ashleigh's actions, the poster shared yet another post from Tim's page, which had been shared an unidentified amount of time after the sexy selfie.

The status update from Tim read: "I'm not gonna lie this is really hard to accept, she left and went to live with the cousin."