This stunning three-course menu is a lovers' feast

Cooking and providing food and nourishment for my family and friends is how I show my love all year round - not just on Valentine's Day.

The kitchen in our house is the hub, the place where we catch up at the end of the day and share our news, where I whisk up an impromptu dinner for friends as we all share a bottle of wine and nibble at a hastily thrown-together cheese board, or where we gather around the large dining table for a meal with the extended family.

We all have incredibly busy lives, so I believe it is important to find occasions to have special meals with loved ones.

Many may consider Valentine's Day a tad on the commercial side, but it also serves as a reminder to stop and acknowledge those special to you - and making the effort to cook for someone is a wonderful gesture of love.


It doesn't have to be complicated, as this menu I've created proves. Most of the preparation for these dishes can be done the day before, allowing you more time to sip that chilled champagne and look fabulous.

While this glorious summer weather is with us, what could be better than heating up the barbecue for the starter? Within five minutes you'll have some flavoursome prawns that probably won't have time to hit your plate.

To follow is a rather decadent duck salad, with fresh summer greens and herbs - ideally picked straight from the garden.

If you can't find Roquefort cheese, use your favourite blue. And if you can't get duck, this will be just as tasty with chicken.

To finish this meal made with love, I simply must include beautiful berries in our finale while they are in season. I've used raspberries, but any berries will be delicious.

Chef's tip

Marinate your prawns and the duck the day before, while your creme brulee is cooking, and you will be well ahead of the game.


Barbecue prawn skewers with chilli lime
Duck breast salad with nectarines and roquefort
Raspberry creme brulee