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Projects shelved as oil slumps

The plunge in oil prices has seen the deferral of 46 big oil and gas projects. Photo / Bloomberg

The world's big energy groups have shelved US$200 billion ($298 billion) of spending on new projects in an urgent round…

New debris found not from MH370

A senior Malaysian official says that an object found in Reunion has been confirmed as "a domestic ladder" and is not a…

Tourism drives economy higher

Tourism has recovered from the hit dealt by the global economic crisis and for the past three years has enjoyed strong growth. Photo / Sarah Ivey

New Zealand's tourism sector is on track to overtake dairy as New Zealand's biggest export earner and the country will soon…

Selfies changed what we wear

The obsession with posting pictures on social media websites means many young women feel under pressure constantly to refresh…

Drink licence under threat

A New World supermarket in Auckland faces having its liquor licence suspended or cancelled at a hearing next month.