Key Points:

As the three day Beckham show draws to a close, here's my highlights - and lowlights - of his stay in Wellington:

Best moment

- Beckham coming out of the arrivals gate at Wellington Airport, putting away any lingering fears that it wouldn't actually happen.


Most amusing moment

- The teenage boys at the end of the Galaxy training session collecting sports drink bottles which they could claim were used by Beckham so they could sell them on Trade Me.

Noisiest moment

- Not so much a moment as two-hours, the incredible squeal fest with 15,000 schoolkids in for the training session on Friday morning.

Best celeb-spotting

- The girls who got their picture taken with Becks in the Monsoon Poon restaurant on Thursday night.

Best quote 1

- From the man himself: "I would love to stand in front of the All Blacks and see them do a haka."

Best quote 2

- From TV One's Tony Veitch at the end of his interview with Beckham: "You're a bloody good bloke."

Worst quote

- Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast reels out the city's slogan yet again, telling the Galaxy: "You're absolutely, positively welcome." (As one journalist pointed out, it's a lose-lose. If you're from Wellington you're sick of it, and if you're from LA you don't know what she's talking about.)

Most over-used pun

- "A star from another Galaxy."

Most honest moment

- Rudd Gullit, Galaxy coach, answering whether the match itself mattered: "No."

Grumpiest moment

- The sour-faced security guard who let in a gust of wind knocking down the back-drop before Thursday's press conference, prompting derision from the media pack. He responded with a menacing scowl and barked: "You got a problem?" like he was in a Hollywood movie.

Dullest moment

- The introduction of Beckham and the Galaxy team to the Friday night crowd at Westpac Stadium during the Phoenix v Adelaide clash. Any of the 18,000 fans not on the same side as the presentation couldn't see anything.

Legend 1

- Beckham, obviously.

Legend 2

- Terry Serepisos, for making it happen

Legend 3

- The Wellington public for getting right behind the whole event