Key Points:

Paris Hilton's new boyfriend Benji Madden has got the seal of approval fromher parents.

Rick and Kathy Hilton say there is more to the tattooed Good Charlotte
rocker - who has been dating the hotel heiress since February - than first meets the eye.

Rick said: "Benji is the perfect example of, 'Don't judge a book by its cover.' He is polite, well mannered, and he even calls me sir. We love him like family already."

Kathy - who has met Paris' previous boyfriends including Rick Salomon and Brandon Davis - feels the 27-year-old beauty has found her soul mate.

She told the Vegas Luxe Life blog: "This has honestly become the real thing. It's a great love match, and I have a funny feeling it's going to go all the way, and we've already given it our approval.

"Their life has never been better. We agree with Paris that he is an amazing guy. He has changed her life, and I really think she's genuinely in love for the first time."

Paris has been accompanying Benji on Good Charlotte's tour, and the pair
have shown their love for each other by wearing matching 'P' and 'B' necklaces.

Meanwhile, Paris' search for a new best friend in a new reality TV show is not going well, with only 40 people turning up to the first stage of the auditions.

After claiming the hopefuls would be asked to 'invite-only' auditions, sources insist they were made to wait in long lines before entering the "disorganised" audition room.

A source said: "Some people brought friends for support and they even ended up auditioning. It was so disorganised, there was only a sign-up sheet with a waiver there."