Key Points:

Katie Holmes can't stop eating broccoli, reveals this week's Woman's Weekly.

The wife of Tom Cruise has lost a staggering 18kg in the past year, thanks to the "KH" (Katie Holmes) diet, which consists of a bowl of carrot soup for breakfast, followed by raw broccoli for lunch and dinner.

The diet has seen the raven-haired broccoli-lover transformed from a "cuddly puppy" into a "sleek fashionplate".

Apparently she has a small amount of protein with her broccoli, but the green super-vege is the real key to her dramatic weight loss, and she and Tom are buying it "by the bucketload".

"She eats lots of organic broccoli, often raw and crunchy, when she needs a snack during the day. She has it at least twice a day. And she often starts her morning with grated-carrot soup, made in the microwave with stock and a little celery.

"It's surprisingly tasty," confided one source close to Katie's family.

The magazine then goes on to quote at length the source talking about Katie's favourite broccoli recipes.

And just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Katie, this week's New Idea reveals that her career has taken a nosedive since she hooked up with Tom.

According to the magazine, when Katie met Tom she was one of Hollywood's most promising stars.

However, since meeting Tom, she has added only one more film to her resume - Mad Money - which was a box-office flop.

A leading producer, who wished to remain nameless, said Katie was now "completely unemployable".

"The problem is not with Katie herself, it's all the baggage that comes with her. When she was filming Mad Money, there were horror stories that Tom was on the set all the time, constantly interfering. There's no doubting that Tom is a hugely successful star, but his influence and involvement are not always helpful," he said.

An unnamed friend from Katie's hometown said: "I really hope these disastrous box office figures snap Katie out of the trance she's been in ever since she met Tom.

"She's surrounded by Scientology weirdos and they tell her Tom walks on water and she's married to a living god, but the figures don't lie - he's a curse not a blessing."

This week's Woman's Day steers clear of Katie news, instead focusing on Posh and Becks.

Apparently Becks is "terrified" his wife is abandoning his dreams of having a baby daughter to chase her reborn passion for pop superstardom - and that her tiny body can't take the pace.

"She started out with lots of enthusiasm and energy, but now it seems like she can hardly walk from her car to the dressing rooms without stopping to rest," said a concerned insider.

According to another source, Becks has even started wearing loose underpants in the hope of boosting his fertility.

But in a joint TV interview in the United States, reacting to Becks' saying "I want to have two more children", Posh replied: "Er ... I've had three!"