Key Points:


* Original Auckland shoreline progressively reclaimed since 1840.

* Western reclamation finished 1930.


* Area first used for timber trade and in 1930s for bulk petrochemical storage (hence "Tank Farm").

* Tank Farm used in modern times by petrochemical, bulk liquid, fishing and marine industries.


* Bulk liquid industry: 500,000 tonnes of bulk liquids and cement cross Wynyard Wharf each year. Bulk liquids produce $1.2 billion and 4000 jobs for the Auckland economy.

* Marine industry: More than 100 marine companies around Tank Farm, $400 million turnover and exports worth $120 million.

* Fishing industry: Home for Moana Pacific, Sanford and Simunovich fishing fleets.

* Private landowners: Viaduct Harbour Holdings owns much of the land south of Pakenham St, including the large Stagecoach bus depot.


* 4.25ha public park at headland.

* 2.4km of public walkways.

* 800m-long landscaped boulevard, 40m wide, connecting Victoria Park to headland.

* About 2500 apartments and office space for up to 8000 workers.

* Apartment blocks up to 14 storeys.

* New movable bridge linking Viaduct Harbour with Tank Farm for pedestrians and public transport.

* Restaurants, bars, cafes, fish and fresh produce markets along Jellicoe St by 2011.

* Marine events centre at western viaduct, end of Halsey St.

* Marine industry on western edge of Tank Farm.

* Fishing industry based east of Wynyard Wharf.

* Provision for a memorable public building in the headland park area sometime in the future.