Key Points:

Comedian and magazine editor Jon Gadsby was fined and disqualified on a breath-alcohol driving charge yesterday in a reserved decision by Judge Raoul Neave in Christchurch District Court.

Gadsby had defended the charge, citing a delay by the police in administering the breath test after he was stopped at a checkpoint in Christchurch city on December 14, 2006.

Gadsby was the first person stopped that evening at a checkpoint and waited while the testing equipment in the "booze bus" was powered up ready for use.

However, the police claimed at the hearing that the machines were warming up and the delay of about 30 minutes was caused by Gadsby trying to contact a lawyer.

The case was heard on February 25 and Judge Neave gave his decision yesterday, convicting Gadsby, fining him $700 and imposing the minimum six-month disqualification.

Gadsby is editor of Christchurch's Avenues magazine and has appeared in and written a series of television comedies.