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*  Does it annoy others the way Jim Hickey (TV1 weatherman) fiddles with his jacket and does high kicks when reading the weather? Not professional behaviour. Other weather people much better. LB

*  Really appreciate cars that stay behind me on my bike and don't try and pass me at roundabouts. Thank you for your patience, maroon Havelock North bakery car included, thanks!

*  A cord of firewood for Valentine's day...you must be a romantic chip off the old block-lol.

*  Sorry people, I got it wrong, forgive me. I meant going straight through roundabout indicate left when exiting the roundabout. A honest but bad mistake by me. I hope no one is harmed by my mistake. I feel pretty bad. It's nice to know we are getting the right message out to our people. Thank you everyone, safe driving and enjoy your day. David

*  The occasional visit from Jehovah Witness is normally an inconvenience but blocking me from closing my door after polite not interested is unacceptable.

*  Schools work very hard to discipline students, not always easy when there are no rules in some homes.

*  To the person who said thanks to the coppers for seizing the coke at the Port? Dude get it right? If it wasn't for the person who raised the alarm no-one would have seized anything. It should read "Thanks to the honest staff that work at the Port Of Napier" and it was "Customs" that did all the work to make sure there was no more.

*  Good on you Mark Hay. I would say the whole country agrees. Didn't this country protest against apartheid some years ago?

*  French flag is the film french festival at cinema gold until 1st April.

*  So all the heartily in bloom flowers got plucked out of the Havelock roundabouts so we can all now enjoy weeks of looking at dry brown dirt?

*  To the tree whinges: If it's not growing over the boundary line there is nothing you can do. Maybe they like the bush look but be warned if you trim it yourself you could end up in court - we did!

*  To anti oil drilling people: Hope you don't use cars or things made by machinery. All use oil products.

*  You have done it again St Vinnies with your windows. Love the way you keep up with happenings in our community.

*  To the school kids that use umbrellas or raincoats: At least you have brains unlike the other uncool people. TAK

*  What's with all the road markers being wrecked on the Waimarama Road, get a life you idiots.

*  Please bring back the friendly Lions ladies at speedway gates on Hastings side.

*  We too would like to say thanks to Aleesha for our awesome card and paper deliveries over the years. Thanks. P&D.;

*  How long before the fracking related pollution is detected in our meat, milk, wine, fruit and veges and no country wants to buy them? Will all growers them get jobs in oil industry? And what will we eat and drink? Maybe synthetic Chinese eggs!? Lee

*  I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind in this country would let any company, foreign or local,l pour toxic chemicals into the ground and then crack it under us. Time for us all to stand up I think and put an end to it. Remember it's your kids/grandkids that will suffer.

*  Re fracking: Sounds like the council doesn't give a "frack" about ratepayers views or about research results. It will be an environmental disaster if it goes ahead. The only ones to benefit will be the oil companies and those who take back-handers from Tag Oil. T0

*  Don't worry about the Hastings town clock being 6 minutes fast. It just means you will get to where ever earlier. Can't be a bad thing.

*  I was told last week by my supervisor that I have a problem. That problem is that I am too nice. And as long as I am nice she will take advantage of that.

*  Paula Bennett is obviously lying when she says Mrs Whitlow's views re national standards were not shared by others. Several have already made their views known but have been effectively gagged by a Government hell bent on change. National standards are not good for our children. Alan

*  A crossing in Gloucester St opposite Atawhai would be very welcome, not only for seniors but for our school children too. Let's hope it can be done.

*  Thanks to the driver of the white ute for not returning the tiedown I lent you to secure a frig. Would like it returned to Bright Cres.

*  Thumbs down to owner of dog who knocked down my friend at Park Island on Monday. Friend suffered damage to ligaments on knees. No apology was given by owner.

*  I am not a Colin Slade fan but he has to be the unluckiest player in rugby. Brian Bulford, Taradale

*  For the sake of safety: If you don't understand the new turning rules, please stay at home until you do.

*  Watched in disbelief as three drivers turned right from Puketapu Road into Church Road in front of left turning driver! Well done to driver of white van who just grinned and let them go.

*  All dog owners should leave home as usual and park up down the road, then walk back and listen to their dog barking. We have dogs in street that bark at everything that goes past and at motorbikes and noisy cars but are perfect when owners are home.

- Hawkes Bay Today

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