Texts to the Editor: 21/02/12



*    To ST: If you get a $600+ bill because your pet was hurt because you let it roam around, then you have no one else to blame but yourself. If my kids were to roam the streets (as you put it) and get into trouble then I would expect the police to come knocking with a fine to pay. It's called consequences. Just like your $600+ bill. Maybe you will learn next time and look after your pet more responsibly! W

 *    Reply to ST: A responsible person wouldn't let there children or pets roam the streets. I keep my animals and my children on my property, as I love them and don't want them to be harmed. Cat owners need to take responsibility for the frustration their cats are causing. The city council needs the same rules for cats as we do for dogs!

 *    No Barb, keeping cats inside or under control is a basic pet owner's responsibly just like all other pet owners have to do. How ignorant of you and your fellow cat owners to expect everyone else to look after your roaming cats! Maybe a stuffed toy is more a suitable pet for those not up to pet responsibilities!

 *    My heart goes out to Minnie and her family, and all the other injured pets.

 *    Regarding pet shootings etc. This makes my blood boil to do something like that to somebody's beloved pet is a sign of a seriously sick and deranged person. I would actually relish the opportunity to shoot them after reading of this. It's disgusting. The other words in mind can't be printed in the newspaper. Liz.

 *    Talking about animal cruelty, I was shocked when I was in a new shop in Napier to hear a young toddler telling his mum how he was going to show her how he plans on shooting animals with the slingshot she was buying him! "You just put a rock in it and pull it back like this and let it go mum". To my horror she just agreed instead of telling him it was wrong to hurt animals. To that mother, shame on you!

Hockey Park

 *    Hastings ratepayers to pay for hockey facility. What's wrong with Napier? Come on ratepayers don't let this happen, time for protesting. Joe M

 *    More white elephants for Hastings. Why should I as a rate payer fund a hockey park? I suggest HDC please explain. LNS

Other thoughts

 *    If the antibiotics make you feel like c**p just think how they make the bugs feel.

 *    The loos along Marine Parade are as nice on the inside as they are on the outside!

 *    Thanks to HB Today delivery boy in Omahu Rd who puts my paper inside my mailbox when it's windy or wet - much appreciated. DJ

 *    As former residents of Hastings we were horrified and dismayed at the state of Oak Ave when we took friends along for a drive. One would have thought for Art Deco Weekend it would have been mowed and tidy Shame on you Hastings District Council. Joan and Andrew, Otaki

 *    Broken Glass at Anderson Park by bridge, same side as skate bowl. Been there about a week. Were the workers too busy cleaning the CBD for Art Deco week? C'mon NCC - get your act together! BJR

 *    Great to see the vintage cars cruising around the Bay with people in period clothes, good on you!

 *    How anyone could moan about the beautiful rose garden area at the Hastings Cemetery is beyond me. Keep up the good work council and thank you!

 *    If your kids suddenly appeared with a blue BMX and a Giant girl's bike with carrier they were pinched on Friday night from Raureka. Leave them at cop shop.

 *    Shame on the two teenage girls who stole their doctor's purse during a consultation last Friday in Flaxmere.

 *    Golly! $400,000+ and still not happy, there's a saying that goes "the more you get the more you want" most little people are just grateful to have a job.

 *    To the person who thinks CEOs sit on their butts all day, try being one and you will soon find out just what's involved. Seems to me you are very ill informed.

 *    To JR: I didn't say I didn't like the charge for ambulance, I asked if it was new, as I hadn't heard of it before. LJ

 *    Mix n made marmalade hasn't been around for a few years. It came from Australia and I used to sell it through an agency. TOC

 *    Hard case really, Winz pay too much to the wrong and not enough to the right. Pahoe, Napier

 *    Saw tourists having photos taken by the new mural on Marine Parade. Well done Sallie Dunford it looks great!

 *    Re Americanisms: It's not only kids using them it's radio and TV announcers saying "pretty much" instead of almost or nearly, "any time soon" instead of in the near future, "two times" instead of twice.

 *    Yes to apartments in the Hastings CBD! But please don't make them too slummy, or priced off the face of the earth.

 *    Totally endorse Dr Wills' fight re vulnerable kids. So why have five low decile HB high schools lost the school doctor service? Bring back our doctors please.

- Hawkes Bay Today

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