Text To Editor: 10/02/12

Waitangi Day

*   Had a nice day out with family at Clive Waitangi Day. Lots of activities, especially for children. Food, interesting stalls, art demos, waka rides, varied entertainment, friendly happy people. We will go back again next year.

*   Waitangi Day name: Like the day, the name has significant meaning. This is what makes our country unique. NZ Day should be a separate celebration. LAB

*   Re all this talk of Waitangi Day: If a poll was taken to ask New Zealanders if they celebrate the day or do they honestly just celebrate having a paid day off, they'd say they celebrate the latter.

*   Re Waitangi Day name: It is a day for all NZers. We all get a day off to remember a day in history when the treaty was signed. A treaty of NZ wasn't signed, but a treaty of Waitangi. This is why it is called Waitangi Day. It is the only public holiday that has a Maori name. Why take that one name away? NZ Day could be any other day.

*   After the shamoozle at Waitangi on February 6 the so-called celebrations should be canned.

Would save the taxpayers a lot of money.

Bottle feeding

*   Did any of these people stop and think there are reasons why some mums bottle feed and that it might actually be breast milk in the bottle. That is how my children's dad bonded with them and gave me a much-needed break. Stop picking fault with other people's choices as you are not always right. SW

*   Some people need to mind their own business and get a life. Breast or bottle - what does it really matter as long as the baby is feed, cared for and loved? I have used both methods and my children grew up fine and healthy. Anyone who approached me making it their business would have been told to eff off as well. Hold your head up, Kate Rhodes, you have got nothing to feel bad about.

*   Re "Mum cops abuse over bottle: I think that is so unfair, people harassing Kate Rhodes for bottle feeding her baby in public. I would have told them to f off, too. Each to their own. Most times there are personal reasons why we can't breast feed. As for Weepu's ad being scratched, that is also unfair. To me it's lovely seeing a male feed their baby.

Other thoughts

*   Re texters talking about the pirate ship. That was on the roof of Napier Central Hotel in Dalton St. They had a restaurant called Captain Hook's. In 1986 the pirate ship was donated to Marineland. Sue

*   A friend of mine (solo mum) and her 13-year-old daughter love playing netball. The fees are going to cost her $140 for each of them! Can anyone explain why? KD, Clive

*   The hospital asks patients to make their GP their first call but the earliest appointment was a week away. Not good when you are sick.

*   FB, do you mean African marigolds or old common type, re white fly? PT

*   Smokers pay tax on each packet they buy, so why moan about the cost of hospital care when they pay two lots of taxes. Smokers don't cause accidents which cost the country millions in ACC each year.

*   What are the Nats doing to control the ever-increasing price of electricity? C'mon people, why stand for it?

*   I agree with Baza. We need to rid the country of the brain-dead scum who carry out these horrendous crimes. AH

*   To the drivers of the power-assisted rickshaws/trishaws, you all need to ooze a heck of a lot more confidence in your ability to manoeuvre those little beasts, especially venturing near the gardens on Coote Road. Climbing, turning, weaving (between poles, by Sound Shell) and reversing are some skill areas that in general need a tweak, then I'm sure your passengers will release their boa-constrictor type grip on the trike or their partner's hand and enjoy the ride more. This is not a dig at any one individual but more so, constructive criticism to help develop tourism in Hawke's Bay. Perhaps an annual race could be a start, before the boats get in. WD

*   Yes I agree, please change back Gascoigne St, especially outside the doctors. I waited 50 minutes the other day to see the doctor, so what would have happened if I was parked in the 30-minute parking area - who gets to pay for the ticket?

*   Thank you very much to the young man in Flaxmere who found my daughter's house keys and attempted to find her so he could return them. Hope you and your whanau are blessed with a wonderful year!

*   Just wanted to say it's so sad to see really good, long-standing businesses in Hastings closing. Thanks to you all for the super personal service over the years. Just so tough for these businesses nowadays.

- Hawkes Bay Today

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