A shopkeeper has been left bruised, shaken and shocked after she was assaulted outside her dairy on Saturday night.

Zodiac Dairy owner Surjit Kaur was working alone about 6pm when a young girl approached the counter and asked her about the price of soft drinks.

Mrs Kaur said she was a regular customer at the store on the corner of Jellicoe and Beatty Sts.
The teen quizzed her on the cost of the 600ml and 1.5ml Coca Cola range.

Mrs Kaur said the girl then left the store without making a purchase and started talking to who she believed was her mum in the car.


"She came back in with $5 and went to the fridge but I saw her put a coke bottle in her pocket. She told me she only had one bottle and paid for that before leaving the store so I went out there, as I knew she was lying."

By the time Mrs Kaur got to the car the mother was already drinking out of the bottle Mrs Kaur believed to have been stolen.

"I went up to her and said 'daughter stole that bottle' thinking she would give her some schooling but instead she turned around and started yelling at me."

Mrs Kaur claim the girl, her mother and a teenage boy got out of the car and started hitting her.

"I was left with blood coming out of my mouth and bruises all up my arm and on my head."

She raced back in to the store to get away from the trio and called the police.

"I grabbed our order book and wrote down their number plate so when the police arrived they could track the group, as they had sped off."

Store manager Mandeep Hothi had left the store at 5.30pm and returned after 6pm to find Mrs Kaur shaking and crying.

"I came back as soon as I heard and could not believe someone had attacked Surjit as nothing like that has happened for years."

Mrs Kaur said she was still recovering and was left very shaken.

"I am back at work but I am going to my GP as my arm and head are both still very sore."

A 17-year-old girl was arrested and charged with assault with intent to injure and remained in custody over the weekend, awaiting a court appearance.