People from around the country came to watch and participate in the Ride Safe On Ya Bike Mystery Charity Ride at the weekend.

In collaboration with Cranford Hospice to raise money for the charity, Wayne Ransfield who is part of the British American Motorcycle Company who helped organise the event, said the event was a very successful day.

"We've had so many positive thank yous. We want to say thank you to all the thank yous. A lot of people said it's the best ride they've ever been on."

Starting from Cranford Hospice and finally ending at Water Bar, West Quay Ahuriri, the ride had an ultimate distance of 170km.


"We had 468 bikes. We were there to cater for everyone and to make them feel safe."
One charitable turn in events was extremely well received by all involved.

"We're absolutely gobsmacked at what this very generous man has donated. It's something that's never happened before."

Nathalie Van Dort of Cranford Hospice sung the praises British American Motorcycle Club.
"They've done a tremendous job. We are very lucky recipients."

"One of our patients had a ride on a motorcycle which was amazing. It goes with our motto - Living every Moment."