Napier City Council has released a new social media campaign encouraging Napier residents and businesses to plan and rehearse their tsunami evacuation routes.

#Napier drill challenges residents to give the council a rundown on their own evacuation plans.

The council's manager of communications and marketing, Fiona Fraser, said the plans did not have to be elaborate.

"They can be as simple as 'run up Bluff Hill' or 'bike to Poraiti'. Whatever the best route to safety is in the event of a tsunami, we'd like to hear about it and hear how and when you practised it."


Council held its first tsunami evacuation drill at the end of last month. Staff were encouraged to use the time to practise leaving the office calmly and filing along Napier's streets to the Tiffen Park steps.

Napier emergency management officer Marcus Hayes-Jones stressed that although staff were alerted to the exact timing of their drill by way of a screen flash and siren, if a strong earthquake was to occur there might not be time to activate any warning systems.

"It is important that council staff know how to evacuate as quickly as they possibly can and get to higher ground."

Sawyer Digital helped create the video on drill day and now it is being shared on social media channels.

Ms Fraser said she was particularly keen to challenge other government bodies and local businesses to the task.

- Inundation mapping is available for evacuation planning purposes at: The video can be viewed at and