With less than a week to go before preliminary results are known in this year's local body elections, Central Hawke's Bay's mayoral candidates are taking varied approaches to the last few days of campaigning.

Gerard Pain said he had been making the most of the recent wet weather to write some letters and opinion pieces for possible inclusion in the paper, but otherwise was taking his foot off the pedal somewhat.

"Hopefully I'll be getting back to work - I was thinking I would not do too much electioneering as people have all the information now from my flyer and the debates.

"I thought I would let them cogitate on that and no doubt if they are going to vote they will do it early this week."


Alex Walker on the other hand still planned to be out and about, after having spent Saturday at the Porangahau Beach picnic that was part of this year's Spring Fling events in CHB.

"I am continuing to be out and about talking to people - some may have seen my kids and I on bikes delivering flyers and we will continue to do so."

She said no matter the final result, she would be celebrating the end of her campaign this weekend with the big team of people who had helped and supported her election efforts.

"In the last few weeks it has come out how strongly people feel about the issues, and with a strong line-up of candidates hopefully, if they haven't already, they dig those envelopes out and get voting."

Mrs Butler said that Central Hawke's Bay had a "great record of voter turnout and of course. if ''you don't vote, you can't complain".

She said that some people had told her that they did not know the candidates standing or who they should vote for.

"I've told them - ask your friends and neighbours, ring the candidates. Think of what will be best for our community, and look past the pressure groups to what is important for our district.

"I am going to enjoy this last week. It has been a great time, walking the streets, meeting people. We have such a positive community, and we can be proud of that."

As of September 30, election returns for Central Hawke's Bay stood at 37.96 per cent of those eligible, up from 35.03 per cent at same time in 2013.

Voters were more active in the urban Ruataniwha ward with 39.92 per cent of votes returned, compared to 35.90 per cent in the rural Aramoana-Ruahine ward.