Two masked men armed with knives have been arrested after they robbed a Hastings dairy this morning.

A young man, accompanied by an older man, entered Karamu Dairy at about 10.30am and made a beeline for the sole staff member who they demanded cash from.

Threatening the worker with the knives they also demanded tobacco and cigarettes before asking for the keys to the worker's car.

"I just told them the car was not mine so once they filled their backpacks they just ran out of the store".


The worker, who wished not to be named, said the men also tried to break the security camera installed in the dairy and took away the landline.

"They took the phone away from me so I was not able to ring anyone until after they left".

After emptying the money from the till into their backpacks they left the scene on foot and headed towards the Anvil Court Motor Lodge.

Police cordoned off the area around the dairy while they looked for the offenders and the family who own the dairy scoured the streets, too.

The two men were located and arrested about an hour after the incident.

The shop keeper described it as a frightening experience but was pleased the two men had been caught and arrested.