A Havelock North resident is demanding the speed limit be lowered along a well-travelled 100km/h road, after his fence was crashed into for the third time since he had lived there.

Darryn Carnell said he was sick of cars zooming past his house.

"It is pathetic, something needs to be done.

"I am just sick of it."


On Thursday night a car ploughed into a barrier which protects the approach to a bridge near the intersection of Longlands and Te Aute roads, which Mr Carnell's fence adjoins.

Two years ago the same bend claimed the life of 25-year-old Flaxmere man Hina Hamahona.

He had been on his way to work and had phoned his relatives while trapped in the wrecked vehicle.

He was found dead by his father soon after.

Before that there had been another major crash.

Thursday night's incident was the last straw for Mr Carnell.

He said there was no bike lane, limited lighting and cars came "barreling along", their drivers not knowing they would soon approach a small bridge.

Police said they were called to the crash on Thursday at 8.04pm.

There appeared to be two people in the maroon car.

An ambulance had also attended but there were no major injuries.

Yesterday, the car remained teetering on the edge of the Karamu Stream bank, held from falling by the crumpled barrier, until finally being removed late afternoon.

Having lived there for 11 years, Mr Carnell said three crashes, in that time, were three too many.

"All of them have crashed in the same position, in the same bit of fence.

"I want the speed limit down to 70km/h, that is it."