After ten weeks, 23 girls, and numerous rose ceremonies, in his final decision Bachelor Jordan Mauger has chosen Hawke's Bay resident Fleur Verhoeven.

With the nation on tenterhooks the two final contenders, Naz Khanjani and Hawke's Bay resident Fleur Verhoeven, went on their final dates as part of the Bachelor New Zealand.

Frontrunner Naz was reduced to tears after being told Jordan had not chosen her.

Then Jordan told Fleur after taking all the good experiences they had shared into consideration, and speaking with his family, he did not have a rose to give to Fleur -instead he had a Micheal Hill jewelers ring.


In tonight's episode audiences were treated to a walk down memory lane, as the highlights of the two women's time on the Bachelor were remembered.

After visiting their families in previous episodes, tonight the final two girls were introduced to Jordan's extended family, from his young neices and nephews to his grandmother.

Naz met the family first, and received the tick of approval from Jordan's father, while his mother seemed to have reservations, saying she had thought Naz was "challenging" and hadn't appeared to be that nice.

Jordan and Naz then escaped in a helicopter to relax on a coastal hillside for their last date, and Jordan said he could imagine a future with her.

The next day it was Fleur's turn to meet the family, and recieved a warm welcome. Although Jordan's brother Clark confessed he had been team Naz, after meeting Fleur he said this could have changed his mind.

After the family visit, Jordan and Fleur drove through the Christchurch hills in a deLorean to enjoy their final date at a property in Akaroa.

Leading into the final rose ceremony, Jordan said "This last decision is by far the hardest decision to make".

"Both girl's are so remarkable in their own ways, having to chose one over the other is very difficult."

On her helicopter ride to the final ceremony Naz had said "if Jordan doesn't chose me I'll be shattered", while Fleur said, "If Jordan chooses Naz over me, I'll be heartbroken."