Police are urging parents to have some "hard conversations" with their teenagers about driving after a boy racer operation in Hawke's Bay last weekend.

Police issued 57 infringement notices, impounded six cars and made 11 arrests over Friday and Saturday night as they targeted illegal street racers across both Napier and Hastings.

Several carloads of youths had to find alternative ways to get home as drivers were forbidden to drive and had to leave their cars on the side of the road.

The arrests were for various offences, ranging from disqualified driving, fines owed to boy racing and warrants to arrest.


Eastern Road Policing Manager Inspector Matt Broderick said the operation highlighted the issue of parents not being involved in their teenagers' driving habits.

Police said the majority of those driving were young males regularly involved in illegal street racer activity. There were over 100 cars and around 400 people involved in drag chains on Friday night posing major road safety issues for families.

"We know many parents are aware of the problems, but there are some who don't address the issue with their kids", Mr Broderick said.

"The message to those parents is simple - your kids are not driving to their licence conditions. Driving after 10pm and carrying passengers on restricted licences is a recipe for disaster.

"There are worse outcomes than getting caught by police and families pay the price."

On Saturday night, police caught two drivers racing on Flaxmere roads and found one of the males had been forbidden to drive the night before.

"There was a marked absence of illegal behaviour on Saturday night after that early intervention indicating the tactic was successful", Mr Broderick said.

"They should expect further police focus and if parents do not want a late night phone call to collect their offspring, they should pay attention to their activities and compliance with the laws designed to keep families safe."

The graduated licensing system is designed to keep young people safe on the road and restrict peer influences getting them into dangerous driving situations.