Last year's Red Hatters' convention in Dannevirke was such a success organisers are able to pay forward the benefits.

"We're returning the full amount of the hire of the town hall to Tararua District Council, after they stepped in to pick up the bill when the Dannevirke Community Board declined our request for assistance," Kween Chookie, Kathryn Mulinder said.

"We're only too aware there are limited funds to share from the team at the Business Network, and have seen for ourselves the value given by this branch of our council within our community, and hope others can benefit from our returning the funds readily offered when we were in need."

Dannevirke EvaReady Cheery Chicz are also making donations to local organisations after they made a profit from the outstanding event which put Dannevirke on the map.


Accolades for the conference continue to pour in following the three-day event in November.

"I just want to say thank you for such a fabulous weekend," one enthusiastic out-of-town Red Hatter wrote.

"You and your team, men included, did you all proud. Your town, the shopkeepers, the people who stopped us in the street and Destinations, the motel where we stayed, made us most welcome."

Six members of Napier's Red Hot Flashes attended last November's convention and said they had a roaring time.

"We dazzled in our flash outfits, danced our feet off and checked out the delights of Dannevirke," they told Kathryn.

But their personal highlight was the hobby horse dressage event on the corner of Barraud and High Streets which saw high stepping and sometimes unruly, out-of-control horses perform amazing routines.

The Hamilton Red Hatters were also delighted with the event, deciding Dannevirke really did know how to throw a party, Kathryn said.

"They were rapt and said the whole town embraced and supported the hordes of women who turned up ready to party. They said the organisation for the weekend was absolutely superb and they too were thrilled with their accommodation at Destinations Motel where they were spoilt with home-made, hat-shaped shortbread with red icing.

"Our visitors, some 150 of them, explored local shops, markets and then headed to Woodville and Norsewood, before taking themselves back to their early childhood with a visit to the Fantasy Cave.

"Everyone said they'd had a relaxing, but social time in Dannevirke with lots and lots of fun," Katherine said, adding the EvaReady Cheery Chicz proudly showed off Dannevirke.