When Chris Herries was told he had been nominated for a Pride of New Zealand Award he says he was reluctant to accept it.

Mr Herries has been nominated for the community spirit category for his work with the Scouts.

"I'm a bit reluctant to be honest. I mean there's so many people who do a heck of a lot of stuff for scouting."

The 46-year-old father of three is a scout leader at the Windsor Scout Group.


He has given a lot of his time giving children an opportunity to experience activities focusing on outdoors, leadership and independence while making it fun, challenging and adventuresome.

One of the main reasons for his nomination was his work in helping to redevelop New Zealand's oldest scout camp - Camp Weka in Puketiri, about 20 minutes drive northwest of Napier. The camp was going to be sold in 2008 but Mr Herries was interested in keeping it alive for future generations.

"I played a major role, I admit that but also members in scouting had also played an important role in that development."

Mr Herries has been a part of Scouts since he joined as an 8-year-old.

All three of his children have been Scouts and Mr Herries still enjoys getting other children involved in the movement and in the camp.

"Certainly my kids got a huge amount from being involved in the scouting movement ... and that's why I've been involved and still involved.

"It's not just for Scouts [the camp], it's for all kids or families, church groups, school groups. It's for the whole community basically."

Former TV news anchor Judy Bailey was announced last week as one of of several celebrity judges for this year's inaugural Pride of New Zealand award.

She said those who gave up their time and effort to help various charities and community groups deserved the spotlight.