Napier Mayor Bill Dalton says the progress of the new Springhill Addiction Centre block in Napier South is a project the city could be proud of.

The centre is undergoing a two-stage $1.3 million revamp, with the first stage being a new residential facility which will provide 15 beds for clients.

It will also feature bathroom areas and a laundry.

Clients at the centre have been staying in the existing two-storey building.


When the new residential facility is completed and occupied the second stage, still dependant on $350,000 of funding, will begin.

The top storey will be removed and the ground floor will be rebuilt and renovated - it will house therapy rooms, a medical clinic, staff offices and new living, dining and kitchen facilities.

"We are looking to assist the (Springhill) trust where we can because this will be a great facility for the city," Mr Dalton said.

He said it was the sort of facility all communities needed, or would need, with the Government's seemingly staunch refusal to tackle the legal psychoactive substances issue. "I would say these places will be in demand."

He met yesterday with trust members and project manager Phil Elms and said council was happy to do everything it could to ensure the development, which was expected to be wrapped up around the end of July, runs smoothly.

"We have had great community support and we are running slightly under budget - it is going very well," Mr Elms said.

Mr Dalton said he would continue his campaign of getting legal highs banned and had three speaking engagements over the next few days to get his viewpoint across.

He said the Government had a "small window of opportunity" to ban the substances now. "If they don't then we are in trouble."