A terminally ill Hastings mother wept tears of joy as she read well wishes and watched donations rise on Givealittle - pushing her one step closer to an experimental form of cancer treatment, only available in Germany.

For the first time in a long time Kirsty Porcer, 42, went without painkillers on Friday, "re-energised" by a public outpouring following the appearance of her story in Hawke's Bay Today.

"It was printed on Friday and by the close of play [on Saturday] it had gone up $11,000 - I just thought 'oh my God'," she said.

"It re-energised me, I was so happy, so incredibly moved by all the messages, I was crying with happiness, there was no pain, that was really, really, really amazing."


The mum of two was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2012. After a nine-and-a-half hour surgery and six rounds of chemotherapy doctors told her in January the stage-four breast cancer had metastasised to her bones, including hips, legs, knees and crucially her spine.

Her Givealittle fund reached $20,529 last night - money which would go towards a four-week treatment and special diet at a German hospital.

"I will also have chemotherapy, some conventional treatment, as well as whole body hyperthermia , vitamin C injections, mistletoe, insulin - they are throwing everything at me. It's incredible, it has given me a new lease on life."

The cost for Kirsty would be about $100,000 and thanks to the generous offer of a loan, which will be repayed using money raised through Givealittle, she hoped to step on a plane next week.

It was, "a glowing yellow light at the end of the tunnel" and gave her hope, when she thought there was none.

"[Doctors here] are telling me the tumours are growing, but I'm on a different path now, an integrated path ... I have hope, and that's everything."

Eight people have offered to mortgage their houses to raise funds for her.

"My girlfriends have been incredible, they are relentlessly putting messages on Facebook and Twitter, encouraging people to help out.

"Even my favourite cafe the waitresses had put all their tips in an envelope, about $100, it completely refreshes your faith in humans."

Kirsty's story first appeared on Hawke's Bay Today's Facebook page Thought of the Day post and received a number of glowing endorsements for her strength, character and inspirational fight.

To donate go to: givealittle.co.nz/cause/Webbkiss