Rubbish dumpers have raised the ire of Te Mata Park officials after trash was discarded along the tracks used for the Triple Peaks Challenge during the weekend.

Te Mata Park Trust board member Mark Holder was "disgusted" after discovering seven full bags of rubbish scattered across a section of track, minutes before Saturday's running event began.

"It was about 100m above where Peak House is. It was just horrible really, bags of takeaways and nappies."

He said the issue of abandoned waste was ongoing and something the Te Mata Park Trust was now seeking help for, in an effort to keep the Peak "pristine".


"It's absolutely disgusting having to pick up people's rubbish but we did find quite a few identifying pieces from this latest dump and we have asked the council [Hastings District Council] for help with a possible prosecution.

"If people dump we will prosecute them and ban them from the park."

He said the park's caretakers were constantly cleaning up people's mess, and usually deal with a significant heap two to three times a week.

"Last time we had someone drive right to the summit with builders rubble and just tip it off the side."

He said if anyone witnessed rubbish dumpers on the peak they should contact police and the council.

"If we can get a rego number or a photo then we can prosecute them," he said.