Dogs have been attacking sheep in Poraiti, with some so badly mauled they had had to be put down.

Resident Neville Rolls has lived in Poraiti for 65 years and said he has never seen anything like it.

Mr Rolls' son was forced to put down one of their sheep, worth $100, on Saturday night after it was badly injured after an attack from a dog.

"We had been warned about it already but we heard a dog barking about 10pm and could hear the sheep running up and down.


"The dog took off when my son went outside and he had to put the sheep down."

He said the only way to stop it is to find the dog responsible and its owner.

"We've heard of nine that have been killed over on Boyd Rd and another 20 down at the Mission farm."

The Rolls received a flyer in the mail on Saturday from a concerned resident, Ray Young, who lives on nearby Boyd Rd.

"My wife put a flyer out on Friday in the immediate area and Fryers Rd yesterday.

"We are hoping someone would or will come forward with info on who or where the dogs come from."

Mr Young said he and his wife have received more than five calls since distributing the flyer from neighbours who have also had issues with the rogue dogs.

At 3am on Friday morning Mr Young heard dogs barking and went outside to see what was going on.

He discovered three of his sheep mauled and stayed up until 5am trying to locate the dogs responsible.

Three other sheep were found later in the day hiding inside a shed.

"Six ewes were attacked.

"They were pretty badly injured, they had rumps torn, throats torn, ears ripped.

"The vet has been out to see them and at this stage they're okay but there's always the risk of infection."

Three weeks earlier, Mr Young saw two dogs in his driveway and believes they may be connected to the attacks.

"I believe there are two dogs involved, a black and tan dog and a cream and white dog, both were seen on our property and our neighbours.

"The black and tan one was attacking our chickens in their cage."

He said he had been in contact with animal control and was waiting for them to visit on Sunday afternoon.

"Something's got to be done.

"There have been four known attacks in the past few nights."

An animal control officer was unable to be contacted by Hawke's Bay Today yesterday.