Emergency services had a quiet Christmas Day, reporting only a few minor incidents throughout the region.

Police, fire and an ambulance attended a motorcycle accident in Maraekakaho about 9.30am after a man in his 30s lost control and received injuries to his limbs.

A St John ambulance attended the scene on State Highway 50 just south of Tikokino.

"He just lost control and fell on to the road," a spokesman said. "He sustained minor limb injuries, abrasions, and was transferred to the hospital in a stable condition."


The rest of the day had been "steady" with two or three call outs in Napier and the same in Hastings.

"Nothing too bad though."

The man was discharged later in the day.

Police Senior Sergeant Mark Clausen at Central Communications in Wellington said there was "not a lot happening" in the area.

"There have been a couple of domestic disputes but other than that it's been fairly quiet."

No other traffic accidents had been reported as of late afternoon yesterday.

The Hastings Fire Service attended a few minor call outs.

"It's been pretty quiet today," a spokesman said. "Just a residential smoke alarm activation up the Napier-Taihape Rd that turned out to be a false alarm. There was a helicopter call-out but it didn't amount to much,"

A spokesman for the Napier Fire Service said the day had been "very quiet".

A day earlier, on Christmas Eve, two empty oil containers sparked an emergency response from hazardous substances crews.

The Hastings Fire Service responded to the call about 9.40am on Fulford Rd to investigate the containers which had been left beside a hedge.

"Someone called us and wasn't sure what they were but they were clearly labelled oil and they were empty," a spokesperson at the Hastings Fire Service said.

Two firemen donned full breathing apparatuses to inspect and remove the containers.

Trevor Mitchell at the Hastings District Council confirmed the call out was a false alarm. "It was just some empty oil containers that Hastings Council emergency staff picked up and will dispose of."