Used, Abused and Lied to by ONE

In 2006 I moved to Australia victoria with my son by a half sister, older than me by 6yrs. In 2009 I met a man at work and later we got together, happiest time of my life. I need a car to be dependant of myself, so I didn’t have to wake them up at 3.30am to pick me up in their car. So I took a loan of $10,000 for me. This is where things went wrong. The half sister, she married with four children at the time and a husband. Always was complaining about her husband not working, and her not being able to do anything with her kids e.g., take them away for weekends out, go dinner, being spoilt by a man who loves you, all those things. I was doing all that. She then comes home from her best mate’s house, starts loading her problems on to me, then out pops the question. “Man I feel really sorry for my kids, they don’t deserve this, Ricky doesn’t even care or he would be out there looking for a job, instead of playing the fucking computer every day. “Sis I need a big favour to ask.....Can you take a loan for me to buy us a car, I need a big car to fit the kids in plezzz..I knew that was coming. So being kind as I always have been to her I said o.k. had never seen her so happy and excited this way before. It was a thank you so much, I love you, and I promise to pay you back, I won’t stuff it up. This is not the only time I have had to help her and her husband out through financial crisis either. So I went back to the bank got another $10,000 out for her, my gosh, she looked as though she won the lottery. Her husband was not so convincing, I remember he saying “I don’t want nothing to do with this, but yet he was all good to help select a car for them. She started paying, 4 payments on an then excuses started happening, Oh my kids this and my kids that, and we’re behind bills, and behind rent.

I knew from there things were going downhill, she started changing on me. She knew how to get through what she wanted out of me, by telling me all her issues and problems with her husband and best mate, basically about everyone who helps her out, there’s something wrong with them. Anyhow,2010 I decided to move in with my partner at the time, she wasn’t so happy, she tried to talk me out of not being with him, that he was no good, he will hurt me, before we had got together she liked him alot, said he was really good looking, very clever and he will look after me. Funny how things change. Anyways I decided to stay with her every weekend to spend time with the family that was all good. Only one weekend I sat outside with her having a smoke and told her that John and I were moving to NZ June 13 2010. Well she went quiet, didn’t know what to say. She started drinking alot, kind of ignoring me, sometime wasn’t home when I arrived for the weekends. She tried to convince me to stay and that everything would work, but I knew it wouldn’t. I knew she only wanted me there for my money, and everything else. I was basically her bank and slave. At the airport her and my partner were talking outside, her saying I know you will look after her and make her happy. She promised to John she will keep making payments. We said our goodbyes and left the country. I’m living in New Zealand and keeping in touch with the half sister by email an phone, so I ask, can you make a payment..Her reply ‘it’s my daughter’s communion, so I can’t afford it.” ‘I have to send money to Samoa. Another time “Remember Elsie $50,000 for ***** $50,000 for ***** and $50,000 for ****** “. (Names of her older kids living with other families. “Thanks to you and your mum”. Talking about child support here. So now she was looking for someone to blame for her being caught not paying child support. She had even blamed my 8yr son, because they have the same last name Inland Revenue had found her. It was a massive surprise to me what she had written. So now she’s blaming me for something I no nothing about. Then my last attempt was like this “Sis I need you to make a payment, you remember when you took a loan in Samoa for the family?, You kept ringing them, making sure they make their payments and you made sure they did, until it was clear. Will now I’m doing the same to you”. Well she didn’t like that at all, she replied that it was none of my business and bought on the sad story about her childhood wasn’t so good, and everything else that didn’t concern me. She obviously got angry with what I said and decided to rely I am not your sister and I am not your dad’s daughter!! She did however say thank you for everything I did for helping with her family and the family in Samoa that she will payee everything I did for her and Samoa back.. Later words got very abusive, I still had my name on their phone account, and it was “shove the papers up your arse, ever since you went back to nz, I don’t need your ass to help with my problems. Go to hell!! You will only hear from me when I make payments. This was back in 2010 it is now 2013 and still have heard nothing from her. I was going to let all that she had done to me go and try and move on from the fact I lost out on $10,000 and a half sister. The fact that I wasn’t going to see that money again was eating inside of me and affecting my family, it kept me up most nights. Until I got a phone call last Nov from a finance company in Australia saying I have an outstanding Bill with Telstra Company that opened in may2011 and closed Nov-Dec 2011, So I looked into it, argued with the Customer Relations Manager about how this could happen If I’m living in Australia, The account was opened over the phone. So I asked for the address and for sure, it was my half sister. I couldn’t believe it, after everything I did to help this woman and her family, she goes and uses my identity. Well that was it, I had to stand up for myself and put all my fear aside. She is the type of woman who does everything to get her way, despite how another person is feeling, she’s the kind with a very bad attitude and very aggressive when she doesn’t get what she wants. I am now going to fight to get that $10,000 so far I haven’t gotten far, for the past 3months I have tried to get legal advice from legal aid in Victoria, the magistrate in Victoria, some advice from community law centre in hasting and haven’t got anywhere. My husband and I are working hard to save up for a home, but with this money we have to save up is impossible, and payments to the loan will take us a couple years before we can save for a house. My kids don’t deserve this my husband doesn’t deserve this and specially myself as a person who goes all out to help whoever and when ever, don’t deserve this. All my life I have helped others and put others before myself, and my kids and I got shitted on. Helping others is what makes me happy, but No good person deserves to be treated this way, especially if you’re doing it from your heart. I am still searching for help on how to get her to pay back, and teach her a lesson. Time is ticking and still going nowhere. What should I do about it? I love my family so much and I want to give them everything I never had.

- Hawkes Bay Today

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