Timeline: Matisse Reid Organ Transplant


This timeline records 9-year-old Matisse Reid's journey to having a multiple organ transplant in the United States after a four year wait.  Matisse Reid's web site can be found at: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/matissereid
LATEST UPDATE: 20 January 2011 - Matisse Reid will undergo further tests today to gauge how she is coping with the fight against antibody rejection. She had 27 staples removed from her stomach and her mother, Jodee Reid, said she coped well.
24th June 2006 - On bad days Matisse Reid lies on a hospital bed, vomiting and writhing in agony, her little tummy distended by the leaky, spasming small intestine that is slowly but surely stealing her life.
26th June 2006 - Two days ago, Hawke's Bay Today brought you the story of our miracle girl, Napier five-year-old Matisse Reid, who needs a new liver and small intestine. The transplant will take place at the University of Pittsburgh, in Philadelphia US and will cost $US1 million.
28th June 2006 - Unless some way can be found to fund a small intestine and liver transplant for five-year-old Matisse Reid, the Napier girl will be intravenously fed and in pain for the rest of her days.

Her condition is so rare, Dr Corban knows of only one other case in New Zealand.
17th July 2006 - Three weeks into Hawke's Bay Today's A Miracle for Matisse campaign, we have topped the $49,000 mark.  We know finding $US1 million to fund a liver and small intestine transplant for the remarkable Napier five-year-old is a huge ask, but we're making steady progress.

24th July 2006 - Yet again, Hawke's Bay Today opened the mailbag to find another bunch of cheques to help little Matisse Reid on her way to a life-saving liver and small intestine transplant.

14th August 2006 - Saturday was Matisse Reid's big day out. To everyone's delight, the Napier five-year-old made an appearance at Waipukurau's Monster Book Sale.
4th September 2006 - More than $50,000 has been raised by art fans who generously opened their wallets at the Matisse Reid charity art exhibition and fundraiser at the Hawke's Bay Opera House foyer on Saturday night.
24th March 2007 - Matisse Reid, who is in Pennsylvania, is off to Ohio next week to face some of the most serious tests in her six years.

10th August 2007 - Chronically ill Napier girl Matisse Reid's condition has taken a turn for the worse with the six-year-old rushed to a Pittsburgh hospital with an infection.
28th August 2007 - Chronically ill Napier girl Matisse Reid remains in a Pittsburgh hospital with a line infection her mother Jodee says has been festering for three weeks.

24th September 2007 - It's one wish down and one to go for chronically-ill Napier girl Matisse Reid who is recovering from an exciting trip to Universal Studios and meeting Barney the dinosaur.

11th December 2007 - Matisse Reid has been moved into the intensive care unit of Pittsburgh Hospital.

14th December 2007 - Matisse Reid has suffered a serious setback in her battle for life - she has lost her Hickman line, which feeds her, to infection which also threatened to spread through her body.

24th December 2007 - Christmas Day will be extra special for Matisse Reid this year. Not only is it the day she will turn 7, but Matisse, who is waiting for a organ transplant in Pittsburgh, has only recently been discharged from hospital and will have to be back there on Boxing Day.

11th January 2007 - With a smile and a wave, plucky Matisse Reid farewelled friends and extended family yesterday and set off on the long journey to what everyone is hoping will be a healthy new life.

19th June 2007 - It was meant to be three years but now the family of chronically ill Napier girl Matisse Reid are having to face the reality that their stay in the United States could be as long as five years.

11th March 2008 - As Napier girl Matisse Reid battles through the flu in Pittsburgh, US, her parents are hoping for once that the call for her to receive a transplant doesn't come soon.

1st April 2009 - Napier's Matisse Reid has come closer than ever to getting the organ transplant she desperately needs.

12th January 2010 - With the experience of eight false-alarm transplant calls, Matisse, who turned 9 on Christmas Day, still lives with pain everyday and is yet to eat a meal.

26th June 2010 - The family of chronically-ill 9-year-old Matisse Reid may find some relief in a New Zealand Law Society statement released yesterday which assured trust account funds belonging to clients of Napier law firm McKay Hill are secure.
1 December 2010 - A woman who feels passionately about chronically ill 9-year-old Matisse Reid's fight with failing organs has made a two-tiered Christmas fruit cake to be raffled off, with all proceeds going to her "Chance to Eat" Trust.

6 December 2010 - Napier's Reid family could receive $200,000 to help their chronically ill daughter if a court case against celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is successful.

8 December 2010 - After a four-year wait, chronically-ill Napier girl Matisse Reid went into surgery for a multiple-organ transplant today.
8 December 2010 - Over 70 well wishing messages have been posted on the web site of chronically-ill Napier girl Matisse Reid as she undergoes a multiple-organ transplant in the United States.

9 December 2010 - Napier girl Matisse Reid has come through a 20 hour multiple organ transplant operation in the United States and is reported to be doing well.

9 December 2010 - Matisse Reid is recovering in hospital after a 12-hour transplant operation yesterday.

10 December 2010 - Transplant recipient Matisse Reid is awake and communicating with her mother, but is bleeding from her stomach after her marathon operation on Tuesday.
10 December 2010 - Matisse Reid has suffered complications following her multiple organ transplant and has had to be paralysed and taken back into the operating theatre for more surgery.
11 December 2010 - Napier girl Matisse Reid has undergone another four hours of surgery to fix bleeding which required just two stitches, following her multi organ transplant about four days ago.
13 December 2010 - Matisse Reid was awake and talking after surgery to repair a bleed in her stomach at the weekend.
14 December2010  - Doctors are working through Matisse Reid's pain management issues as she recovers from her intestine transplant.
15 December 2010 - Matisse Reid was able to get out of bed for a cuddle with her mum yesterday.
16 December 2010 - Nine year old Matisse Reid has suffered a "really tough day" as she recovers from her multiple organ transplant in the United States and has been back on the operating table while now using a drug not yet tested on children.
17 December 2010 - Matisse Reid has been back in surgery to stop another bleed in her stomach.
17 December 2010 - Matisse Reid has woken from her latest bout of surgery in a good mood but the mother of the 9 year old has described the past 24 hours as "the good, the bad and The ugly."
21 December 2010 - Matisse Reid's mother Jodee says she hopes her daughter's move from the intensive care unit to a ward at her Pittsburgh hospital will help her emotionally, and she planned to "pimp out" the room with a Christmas tree and decorations.
25 December 2010 - Matisse Reid's mother, Jodee, has asked for prayers that her daughter's new organs respond to anti-rejection treatment.
30 December 2010 - Matisse Reid has had her last dose of the new anti-rejection medication, been moved out of ICU and allowed to return to a clear food diet.
3 January 2011 - Matisse Reid has been put on experimental drugs to stop her body rejecting transplanted organs, giving her hope for a normal life.
7 January 2011 - Matisse Reid's mother says the four weeks since her daughter's transplant have been the longest of her life.
11 January 2011 - Hawke's Bay 10-year-old Matisse Reid's latest biopsy, five weeks after an intestine transplant in Pittsburgh, showed no sign of cellular rejection.
18 January 2011 - The intravenous tube that has been feeding Matisse Reid since she was born was removed by doctors on Friday.
20 January 2011 - Matisse Reid will undergo further tests today to gauge how she is coping with the fight against antibody rejection. She had 27 staples removed from her stomach and her mother, Jodee Reid, said she coped well.
Matisse Reid's web site can be found at: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/matissereid

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