Your Letters: Robinsons and roosters


During the last year I have read most but not all of the opinions given by the Robinsons (The Robinson Report). What always struck me the most was the amount of negativity in their articles.

Recently, I was shocked and unhappy to read their use of cultural and customary Christmas icons Santa Claus and St Nicholas to enhance more negative thoughts.

So what I would like to suggest to the Robinsons is they detox their negative thinking patterns. It can be done. They won't have to buy a copy of Dr Peale's best seller The Power of Positive Thinking.

They can just Google and self talk themselves into a better 2013. There's lots of tips and a quick scan can include for example: Find your sense of humour, stay up-beat and view the glass as half full and not as half empty. Give it a go - don't wait for New Year, start at Christmas when there is lots of best wishes around.

- I Green

Thank you Robinsons

We always enjoy reading the Hamilton News.

I especially like the no-nonsense Robinson Report where Geoffrey and Reihana dig up the stories we should be informed about and dodgy dealings the councils and other bodies would rather we didn't learn about.

Their last report informed us of how the HCC has cleared the way for Chedworth Properties and TGH to stick a ghastly inland port on high quality food-producing land at Ruakura. One needs to ask why a greedy developer and a non tax-paying institution should be allowed to get rich while destroying the landscape and the lives of those living nearby.

There is no point in writing a submission to the HCC district plan as they don't care what the ratepayers think if the V8s fiasco, rugby stadium and Claudelands Events Centre blow-outs are anything to go by.

We need more opinion reports, and many thanks for The Robinson Report.

- D Wilson

Rooster lucked out

I read with interest your front page item re the cockerel. Our neighbour had a pet cockerel, Lucky. He was a magnificent bird. He caused no harm or offence, kept where he lived and was an adored pet of two little boys who loved playing with him.

He did what all cockerels do; he crowed. Talking to another neighbour, we agreed it was nice to hear Lucky and she thought her children made more noise. I knew Lucky's luck might be running out when someone came to my house searching for the rooster that woke him too early - shame!

Sadly one Sunday the council turned up with a crate and Lucky was gone. Do they get paid double time to remove a rooster on a Sunday? I do have a gripe with attitudes to pets. We had to pay for the privilege of three dogs on our property - one was my daughter's.

Three days after paying the extra, one of our beloved dogs died. I took the cremation certificate to prove our loss in the hope of a refund. Some hope. I was told I could get a third dog, but no refund, a little harsh we thought.

 - Linda Shilling

Poultry problem

I was shocked and horrified at the front page report on the crowing rooster. This rooster and poultry has been a problem for years.

The animal control people have been on and off collecting this particular poultry group for years - only for them to be returned after the fine was paid, I presume.

I have witnessed them being collected many a time from the previous owner of the property next door. The people collecting the poultry were not in any way abusive and they did not have a pleasant time either. As for us sorting it ourselves, I thought there was a law that no poultry was allowed so close to town. This particular resident has absolutely no thought for the mornings that her neighbours get woken about 3am to 4am with a sounding-sick rooster and clucking hens.

The crowing now is different so I wonder if it is a new one.

There was no inflammatory letter sent around, just a weak attempt from the council to ascertain what and how many people the poultry was affecting. It was a yes and no form that's all.

- Sharon Hope

Check rooster rules

While it is not Ms Cave's rooster, we have one near us that crows all day and night. It wakes my children and is completely annoying when we are home. I have not made a formal complaint as I hope common sense will prevail and the owner will realise roosters in town (especially ones that crow constantly) are not appropriate.

Ms Cave should check the bylaws, as earlier this year urban chickens were banned and before that only a small number of hens were allowed but no roosters.

I understand the desire to keep chooks but in modern cities with such small sections it seems an unwise choice of animal.

Unfortunately, this seems like a case of someone living in an urban environment wanting rural rules and is as bad as someone living rurally and complaining about the smell of cows.

 - L Hayde

- Hamilton News

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