Game review: Crysis 3

By Ian Knott

Crysis 3

From: Electronic Arts

For: Xbox 360

Twenty-four years after the events of Crysis 2, players are once again placed in control of Laurence "Prophet" Barnes and his billion-dollar nanosuit.

A large powerful company, CELL, has placed a Liberty Dome over the whole of New York to quarantine and purge the city of the alien Ceph.

Nature has taken hold of the inner dome environment and the city has developed distinct areas known as The Wonders and areas of rainforest, swamplands and canyons exist alongside towering cityscapes.

This is the perfect setting for Prophet to join the human resistance and use his trademark stealth combat to take down CELL and the Ceph.

General gameplay is almost identical to Crysis 2, although now you are given a weapon called the Composite Bow, which you will come to love.

You have the ability to pick up your own arrows, which is always a bonus.

From the very first level you will notice body parts poking through walls and enemies running against objects rather than around them.

For every anomaly though, there is a whole truckload of beauty to behold.

Visually, Crysis 3 is amazing. The lush, rich detail on display is truly jaw-dropping at times.

Crysis 3 nails multiplayer and finds success through all the modes, especially Hunter, which will give the game solid longevity well after the single player campaign is over.

-Review courtesy of Fatso Games Club

- Hamilton News

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