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photos Forbes' highest earning models

Forbes' list of the top highest earning models.

photos Get The Look: Spring Prints

Despite the cold weather, the fashion season has changed and Spring/Summer collections are arriving in store now.

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Richest models of the year
Richest models of the year

Aussie beauty Miranda Kerr is the equal third most highly paid model in the world, according to Forbes. View the full list…

Why trans model came out
Why trans model came out

"I carried the paranoia [of being found out] with me every day," says 30-year-old New York-based model Geena Rocero.

Fashion: Spring in your step (+WIN)
Fashion: Spring in your step (+WIN)

Despite the cold weather, the fashion season has changed and Spring/Summer collections are arriving in store now. You can…

Shampoo? No need
Shampoo? No need

Lucy AitkenRead had to survive the "stinky stage" but has no regrets about giving up washing her hair for two years.

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Blog: Message board manners
Blog: Message board manners

Ah, the message board. Almost primitive in internet technology, online forums have been popular since…

Sitting versus standing at work

It seems the world is finally coming to terms with the fact that humans evolved to stand, not to sit - well, health researchers…

Should we ban Comic Sans?

It's the font that's openly ridiculed for its jaunty style, but as an exhibition opens to celebrate 20 years of Comic Sans…

Parents: Should you post?

Privacy-wary parents are increasingly pausing before they post photos and names about their wee ones on social media.

Pair's double engagement joy
Pair's double engagement joy

As Mark Trenberth sat buckled into Auckland's reverse bungy with an engagement ring burning a hole in…

Good neighbours linked to heart health

Having good neighbours and feeling connected to others in the local community may help to curb a heart attack risk, researchers…

Talk to the Animals: Is this electric shock treatment for dogs?

My perception of bark collars is that they are a last resort when other less punishing methods of control have been tried…

Counselling can do more harm than good (+what to watch out for)

People seeking therapy should always talk to a practitioner who provides good quality treatment that's appropriate to their…

Obesity behind cancer cases

More than 12,000 new cases of cancer every year can be attributed to the patient being overweight or obese.

Implant has 'given back' life
Implant has 'given back' life

Rebecca Griffin's severe acid reflux used to give her hours of agony - to the point where she would…

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