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Kelly Osbourne: 'I was a drug addict at 13'; Models come a cropper on the runway

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Tales of debauchery and sin are hardly a revelation when it comes to the Osbournes.
And it's hardly a secret that wild child Kelly Osbourne used to be a druggie. Hell, she's been reminding us of her wayward and "traumatic" childhood for donkeys.
But there is something both disturbing and disarming about Kelly's candor while discussing her past on a US TV show recently.
The former reality TV star and one-time singer opened her X-files and revealed more details about her drug and alcohol addiction.
The offspring of rock comedian Ozzy Osbourne has sensationally revealed that she once passed out in her own urine while taking drugs.
While dishing the dirt on her drugs past on TV show 20/20, Osbourne confessed that she felt "mortified" when her mother, Sharon, found her passed out on in her bed.
She said: "I remember one night being woken up by my mom punching me in the back so that I started breathing again in bed, and I had p****d myself in my sleep.
"I'm sorry, but at 20 years old, to wake up by your mother trying to resuscitate you in a bed of your own p**s, that is mortifying."
Actually, I think that would probably be more mortifying if you were still doing it now, young lady.
Osbourne also admitted that her drug-dependency spiraled out of control, and that she used to pop at least 100 pills a day to deal with feeling "worthless" and harmful accusations that she was only famous because of her parents.
She added: "All the voices in my head that were telling me that I was worthless, that I was fat, that I'll always just be someone's daughter and never make anything for myself...all these things in my head, as soon as I took this pill, just silenced.

"I didn't like the person I was, so I took drugs."
I admire Kelly for being so frank. Talking about your past and your transgressions isn't always an easy pill to swallow. Sorry.
Growing up in that freaky family was obviously far from straightforward. I mean, Ozzy's one hell of character, but he's hardly what you?d call a model parent.
It's a miracle his progeny made it past puberty.
No exit for Heigl
Put down the defibrillators, everyone - Katherine Heigl is not leaving Grey's Anatomy.
Heigl has now dismissed swirling rumours that she's about to quit the seminal surgical drama, insisting that her Hollywood career takes second place to her role on Grey's.
Rumour had it that the 29-year-old was about to jump ship and take advantage of her film success, but she now insists that she's looking forward to reprising her role as Dr. Isobel Stevens for some time to come.
She says, "When I come back to Grey's, I am actually really excited. After nine months a year for four years, of course you're going to think, 'I want to be someone else for a while.' I landed really good things and I did them in my breaks. It broke up the monotony of the character and I'm very, very grateful for opportunities. But Grey's is such a good cast. Everybody is amazing."
Renee Zellweger: 'I couldn't be a journalist'
This isn't necessarily a bad thing.
The Bridget Jones actress says she would hate to be a journo - because she wouldn't be able to print negative stories about celebrities.
Zellweger plays the role of an undercover reporter in her new flick Leatherheads, and despite training with journos before she took on the role, she says she'd hate the moral responsibility that comes with the job.
My lips are sealed.
She tells Parade magazine, "I don't know that I'd want that kind of responsibility of having the power to hurt someone with a public disclosure. But, ironically, I intended to be a reporter before I got into acting. I majored in journalism, so it was kind of fun to explore that. But I could never write a story that would have a big, negative impact on somebody?s life. I don't think I'd sit well with that."
Blonde ambition
Lindsay Lohan's tired of her brunette locks, so she's gone back to blonde.
Does the new look work for her? See a recent piccie of her here.
Thanks to for the pic.
Eastern promise
I love these wacky Japanese game shows.
Here's a new one called I Survived a Japanese Game Show.
The show's about to premiere in the US in June, and it looks about as mad as a bag of snakes.
The unscripted reality TV show documents 10 Americans who are carted off to Japan and compete in a Japanese game show - and we all know what those are like.
Cue ensuing laughter and feats of eye-popping proportions.
View the entertainment here.
Hilton's downfall
Hands up who didn't snigger at Paris Hilton's downfall this week?
You shameful liars.
Until the video arrives, we'll have to make do with these piccies of Hilton eating floor.
Seriously, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

Enough of the "save Britney" campaign, Madonna.
The veiny-handed one has yet again spoken out on the subject of Britney Spears.
Not content with spouting that we should all try and help save the bipolar mess, Madge is now comparing the treatment of Spears at the hands of the paparazzi to "people inflicting cruelty and pain on each other" in Africa.
Hmmm, somehow I have difficulty with that statement. How can she seriously compare Spears' seemingly self-inflicted downfall with the "horror" of what's happening in Africa?
Madge tells the latest issue of Vanity Fair that she finds Britney's situation "very painful."
She said: "When you think about the way people treat each other in Africa, about witchcraft and people inflicting cruelty and pain on each other, then come back here and, you know, people taking pictures of people when they're in their homes, being taken to hospitals, or suffering, and selling them, getting energy from them, that?s a terrible infliction of cruelty.
"So who's worse off?"
Babe, you're talking through your rear-end.
No twins for Jolie?
Despite umpteen news reports claiming that Angelina Jolie is about to push out a couple of sprogs, a close mate of the clan now says that it?s all lies.
It's yet another naughty rumour that has besieged Brangelina.
The mate said Jolie is "not having twins." And added, "Twins don't even run in her family."
My money's on a baby girl.
Boo for Bush!
US President George W Bush really is as popular as a fart in a phone booth.
Bush was given the honour of throwing a baseball some sporty even in the US He may as well have not bothered.
Seriously, the crowd appears to boo the s*** out of him.
Watch the spectacle here.
What's Wino up to?
Amy "Wino" Winehouse has reportedly been offered a deal by fashion designer Cavalli.
The toxic one has allegedly been offered a lifetime supply of his designer clobber, in return for her wearing her clothes when she?s out an about in London town.
Fabulous. I'm sure the Cavalli clobber will go beautifully with those new rubber gloves she's fashioning of late.
Must be some kinky S&M phase she's going through.
Ooh, dirty Harry
Puffing on cancer sticks is obviously one vice that Prince Harry can't part company with.
Despite claiming that he'd quit the fags before he began his tour of duty in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, he's clearly still hooked.
See Harry puff here.
This is way, way beyond creepy
Paedophile beards and rapist glasses.
All sex criminals supposedly get their creepy facial hair, eyewear and clothes from the same place ? right here.
Buyer beware.
Age finds...
Goldie Hawn.
Fancy waking up in the morning and facing this every morning. Yum!
Model (mis)behaviour
I know it's wrong to celebrate someone's downfall, but this is about models, so it's allowed.
Models of poise and perfection come a cropper here.
Did Mariah hang up?
We all know that Mariah Carey's the ultimate diva, so news that she supposedly threw tanty during a radio interview this week is hardly a revelation.
As we reported on Tuesday, Carey supposedly hung up during a phone interview with a BBC Radio 1 presenter ? after he misquoted her album ales.
But having listened to the interview myself, I think it's a case of telecommunication malfunction.
Judge for yourselves here.
No anti-climax
The celluloid version of Sex and The City is only two months away - hurrah!
So when the film's protagonist, Sarah Jessica Parker, starts bigging up the big screen version and whetting our appetites, it's only natural that we're left panting for more.
Parker says she has seen a rough cut of the move and says that fans should expect some great and monumental things.
"Without being specific, I'll just say that I think it's incredible," Sarah Jessica tells Entertainment Tonight.
"I'm really, really happy with where it's headed and how [Michael Patrick King]'s shaping it. He wrote an amazing screenplay and it's funny and it's warm and it's moving and it's also extremely poignant and sad."
Sad? My money's on Miranda and Steve breaking up after he does the dirty on the ginger one. And as for everlasting love between Carrie and Big? Abso-not-lutely.
Here's the full-length trailer for now.
Stalker time...
Actor John Cusack looks like he has a stalker.
Celebrity news website The Insider confirms the news that a woman who allegedly stalked the High Fidelity star has been arrested.
Truth be known, I'm envious - they say you've only truly 'made it' when you get yourself a stalker...
Mind you, they do say be careful what you wish for...
Potential stalkers need not apply. Please go sell crazy some place else - I'm all stocked up here.
Hangin' tough, baby
As I previously reported back In January, the New Kids On The Block are getting back together - well, for one performance at least.
NKOTB, consisting of Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, and Donnie Wahlberg are back together - and will reportedly be performing on TV this Friday in the US.
Read all about it here.
Thing is, does anybody care?
I know my editor does - eh, Mystic Meg ;-) Your secret's safe with me.
Cor blimey!
The Netguide web awards are coming...
Click here to vote for me as best blog.
I salute you!
I know I've milked this voting thing dry, but humour me. It'll end soon. Promise.
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