The owners of Norsewood's Scandi Superette are still waiting for a drive-off petrol thief to return and pay for fuel.

"It's two months now and I don't think he's forgetful," co-owner Ella Domper said.

"After this length of time, he should have a conscience. And I know he has a job, so it's not a case of having no money."

On Thursday, May 8, at 5.37pm, the driver of a red utility vehicle filled up with $49.32 of petrol from the pump outside the superette on the main street of the Norsewood village.


"I was watching him," Mrs Domper said.

"He put his hand in his pocket, pulled it out and then shoved it back in, got into the ute and drove off. Maybe he didn't have enough cash and was planning to come back but it's been two months now ..."

The ute had dog kennels on the back and a damaged right tail light, Constable Brett Wakelin of the Norsewood Police said.

Witnesses also saw what happened and because this isn't something which happens often in the close-knit village, the community have been right behind Ella and husband Henk in identifying the culprit.

"We know where he lives and where he works and if he doesn't come forward, then the police will go knocking," Ella said.

"This sort of thing doesn't happen often out here so we just want to person to pay up."