A trip to Korea and Israel is being used by Christchurch mayor Bob Parker to try entice overseas investors to put their money into the city's rebuild.

The mayor and mayoress head offshore on Thursday for eight days where Bob Parker will take part in business meetings and conferences including the International Mayors' Conference.

Bob Parker says as well as taking part in official speaking engagements, it's important he uses the trip to promote the rebuild of the city to potential investors.

"It's always been part of the investment blend in Christchurch but with the loss of some of the local capital it probably has an even more important role in the years ahead."


Mr Parker says expat investors are going to play a major part in generating money for the rebuild.

"The expat investors who are spread right across the planet are turning into one of the major resources here, they're Kiwis that have made their fortunes overseas, been keeping an eye on what's happening here and they genuinely feel they would like to come back."

He says overseas investors are more important than ever.