Key Points:

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently revealed to US magazine Parade the line Michael Douglas used to get her into bed (she may not have said it in that many words...)
"I want to father your children."
Surely, even the cluckiest of women would shudder at the thought of a sexagenarian trying to impregnate them?
I don't think I'm completely out of line in assuming that Douglas' wealth and power may have played a small part in the wooing process.
Still, it raises the point - do pick up lines ever work?
A while ago, I was leaving a party, when a man stopped me.
"Where are you going?" he asked.
"To a swingers party," I replied jokingly.
"Cool. How about I come too and you and I can swing together?"
Okay, so it wasn't outstanding. But I was drunk and his delivery was flawless. So I agreed to get a drink with him later.
Was it a pick up line that worked? It depends on your definition of success. It got me talking to someone I otherwise wouldn't have. So yeah, I think it worked.
What do you think? What are the best - and worst - pick up lines you've ever heard? And please, no 'your father must have been a thief...'