Bay folk flock to festival

Out and about. Waterfront Festival Taliayah Carter, 8, Eden Robertson, 11. Sam Carter 0272792318, 5716628 BTC 30Sep13 - WITH DAD: Nigel, Maia, 6, and Jordan, 8, Sandler all chill. 280913GN02BOPDON'T TRY THIS AT HOME: Taliayah Carter, 8, and Eden Robertson, 11. 280913GN06BOPFAMILY DAY: Shannon Beck, Jasmine Coote, Caiyu Grant, 2, and Manea Becks, 4 months. 280913GN05BOPAFTER THE PERFORMANCE: Storm Ryan takes a break. 280913GN03BOPCAN-DO CANINE: Jamie-Lee Hayson, 6, and her puppy Georgi. 280913GN01BOPSMILES: Sean Weatherley, Freya (dog) and Erin Senior. 280913GN04BOP