Papamoa rallies for cancer cause

Out and about Wander through the Wetlands to support children with cancer. L-R Jaime Rivers (2), Grace Reid (2), Chloe Reese (3). BTC 16Sep13 - HELPING HANDS: Volunteers who helped the wander through the wetlands run smoothly to support children with cancer. 150913GN08BOPFAMILY AFFAIR: Triton, 4, Cathol and Sophie Dickens take a break. 150913GN06BOPFUN TIME: Ronin Dickens, 3, pauses on the bouncy slide. 150913GN07BOPFRONT SEATS: Margaret Overington, Diana and Kerry Drumm and Murray Green. 150913GN05BOPTHIRSTY: Reuben Wawatai, 6, takes time out to have a drink. 150913GN01BOPTRIO: Jaime Rivers, 2, Grace Reid, 2, and Chloe Reese, 3. 150913GN03BOP