Keep it simple with green space

Interesting to see planned "developments" proposed for Jubilee Park; $1,342,000 to be spent in stages over 20 years.
Expect inflation to see to it that it's much more in the end.
If taggers have been a problem with the present grandstand and buildings, what fun they would have with amphitheatres and all the other expensive facilities.
We had a problem with rubbish in the pond at McLoughlin Park until it was filled in.
Shady trees ... open space. Surely the chances of vandalism would be much less.
In times of recession, why not leave the park as green space, with some bollards to replace the existing fence, and Murray Salt's truck has made a great stage in the past.
It is a joy to see families on the park having fun with sport and other activities.
All the "development" has to be maintained and that sounds like an added burden on ratepayers.
Please keep it simple with lovely green space.
Gael Blaymires
Te Puke
Kohanga reo cost
If Maori are so upset about losing funding for their kohanga reo perhaps they should fund it themselves.
They are sitting on millions of dollars of government compensation money but seem reluctant to use it for the benefit of their own people.
It's about time that they put their hands in their own pockets instead of the taxpayers'.
After all, they are the ones who want to keep their language alive.
A Wakefield

Earned a break
Over the last few weeks I have had my wick lit and have been smouldering over various comments about superannuation. First there were a bunch of doctors who thought it would be a good idea to dip into the superannuation fund to prop up the health system.

Then we have Max Mason's comments in the Bay of Plenty Times on July 27. I have passed 60 years old which was the age my father retired. Like my father I have worked nearly 44 years, have never been on a benefit and have paid my taxes. I have never had a holiday of more than three weeks continuous and I think I deserve a bit of a break.
As to the people who want to keep on working after the retirement age, good on them. I prefer to have a break. I have plenty of interests outside of work, interests I do not have time for at the present time.
Graham MacKinven
Pyes Pa
Think of the living
Re MP's suicide stance wrong (Our View, July 28).
It is possible that MP Te Ururoa Flavell is aware of all the helpful suggestions this article presents regarding assistance to would-be suicide victims.
Perhaps he is not thinking of the victim specifically when he says they should not receive traditional grieving.
Maybe he is thinking about "the living".
If they see that this action is not in accordance with honourable mourning, his suggestion may save more lives than the tried and not proven much good methods of assistance usually given.
Grant Nelson
Cash distribution
Re Obscene wealth (Letters, Bay of Plenty Times Weekend, July 30).
Which of the top 151 wealthiest people in the NBR list does Graham Cameron find obscene?
The value placed on any company by the NBR is not the amount of money they have in their hip pocket to dish out to the masses. We have democratically elected governments to tax us for that purpose. Whether they be the previous three terms with Labour under Helen and team, or the present National with John and team.
We should be celebrating their enterprise, along with the likes of Fonterra and the farming export returns we all currently benefit from as a country.
I for one won't grizzle about the cost of a block of cheese, knowing that the current record returns from New Zealand farm produce is the saviour of our current financial situation.
I wouldn't call Grahame Hart "bloated mega-rich". The value placed on his companies is not in his pocket, it's in the worldwide factories and their products. I have no idea how many thousand workers his enterprising nature currently supports.
Leave the wealth distribution to the governments we elect Mr Cameron.
Mike Ward
Mount Maunganui

Alcohol abuse
With a number of news items and letters to Bay of Plenty Times we could be excused from thinking that alcohol abuse is accelerating and that we are all doomed to go to hell in a hand basket.
So it was very interesting to read the Ministry of Social Development's 2010 report that:
"Problem drinking among the 15-24 age group is no different than it was in 1996 prior to the reduction in the legal alcohol purchase age."
Its also interesting to read another fact. "Per capita consumption is down since alcohol liberalisation in 1989, though slightly up from 1997". Makes you wonder about the "evidence" or should that be opinion that some would have us believe that raising the drinking age and closing liquor outlets will be the magic bullet to stop all sorts of social evils blamed on the demon drink.
Personally I favour individual responsibility and that being under the influence of drink or drugs should not be a legal excuse for anything. Let's punish the bad behaviour, not the 99 per cent of responsible people who enjoy an odd "tipple" or two.
Roy Edwards
No excuse
Re Council committee no-show (News, July 28)
Carlton Bidois' excuse doesn't wash. It is Mr Bidois' obligation to ensure he has sufficient contact details for the council to advise him of meetings. If his mail delivery is inconsistent because of how he chooses to receive it, then the use of email, fax or telephone options are always available.
It is insulting to those applicants who turn up and those making prepared presentations to be faced with a no-show of committee members resulting in no quorum and the abandonment of the hearing. If people have no intention of fulfilling their committee obligations then resign and let someone who cares become involved.
The committee chairman's criticism is correct: "Elected members have to understand their responsibilities and be accountable".
TCC ratepayers are paying for these cavalier attitudes. The other option is to can the wastewater management review committee altogether as it seems committee people are not particularly interested.
R Paterson
Weapon at party
Another young life is lost at a teen party where apparently responsible adults were present.
However a lethal tripartite of alcohol, immaturity, and a handy knife in the hip pocket has led to this tragedy - it all adds up to an accident waiting to happen.
I do not understand why such young people were carrying weapons to their friend's birthday party.
It is a sad state of affairs when parents may consider it advisable to frisk their guests before the celebrations begin.
Robin Bishop
Pyes Pa
Paying to park
I thought we had two people with some business sense in councillors Crosby and Guy but alas no. Who is going to use the playground and walkway and pay for the pleasure of both, in the form of parking charges, when there are better facilities at their back door or elsewhere in the city for free? The answer is very few, if anyone.
Please do not waste the CBD ratepayers' money on these whimsical ideas without looking at the bigger picture.
The businesses of the city centre need help in the form of monitored free parking to win back the custom we have lost to the well advertised free parking areas of the Mount, Greerton, Bayfair and other similar shopping areas.
Once this has been achieved and the CBD is the thriving, vibrant area that it should be, money can be spent on giving the customers the odd bonus if the need is there.
Any money the council has put aside for the waterfront development, as has been stated, should be put to good use by paying off the parking building's debt as soon as possible and allow the much needed free parking to proceed.
Then we can all work towards making the city centre the place to be and it will give the Mainstreet organisation a positive marketing strategy, rather than wasting huge sums of money as they are at present.
Bill Campbell

- Bay of Plenty Times

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