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Wellywood knockers just a sign of the times
Well what a multitude of knockers we are - the tall poppy syndrome in full flight.
Wellywood is OK by my reckoning - am I the only one?
We lived in Wellington for five years on a lifestyle block with sheep and blueberries.
So often my family (kids too) were wearing gumboots and we had our own name, Wellyboots, and still say that today.
Wellington had its own personality, friendly busy people, great arts and theatre and even the weather was refreshing.
Lift your spirits with Wellywood I say.
Geoff Harmer, Tauranga
Party has left us
Shame on Mary Brooks for her scurrilous and intemperate carping at Bob Clarkson (Your View, June 6). I would wager she was more than happy to render support when Bob regained Tauranga for National?
Bob has merely verbalised the disquiet and disaffection felt by many National Party supporters - frequently former supporters. It is more that the National Party has left us, rather than us leaving the party.
Dave Finney, Matua
Fighting a bully
I was bullied in secondary school for two to three years. My solution was to hit the weights, get bigger and also keep my parents in the loop.
However you deal with a bully bear the following in mind:
Bullying is an unwarranted invasion of your space and life and, regardless of the fact that it happens, you do not have to accept it. So don't.

Also, you don't handle this sort of issue alone. Keep your family close to you.
To those who perpetrate such actions, be aware that everyone is different to you. That is humanity. That does not give you any right to attack them.
Andrew Shirtcliffe, Auckland
Owners at fault
It is an unfortunate truth that pitbull-type dogs were historically bred to fight.
In my opinion, dog fighting is a detestable "sport", an abuse not only on our dogs but also an abuse of our rights as dog owners.
It would be naive of me to think that a small element of society does not still partake in this abhorrent act.
In saying that, people need to remember it is only a small part of society and as a result, a small part of the pitbull population.
The fox terrier hunted foxes and the mastiff was a gamekeeper's dog.
Just as there are not many foxies out there catching foxes, the vast majority of pitbulls aren't fighting dogs either.
They are well raised, appropriately trained and much loved members of households all over New Zealand. How would I know? I own one. As the owner of a beautiful 8-year-old pitbull, I detest the "sport" that she was designed to compete in.
Maia has not and will not ever take part in a dogfight. It is people who are the problem in this situation because we are ultimately responsible for providing an environment appropriate to our dog's needs. People who can't meet an acceptable standard should not own any dog, of any breed.
Glynn O'Rourke, Welcome Bay
Why did it happen?
So, someone has pulled finger out and collared the Butcher of Bosnia, Ratko Mladic. Taken long enough, haven't they? "They" being the his old supporters in Government high places. What surprises me is that he hasn't been dealt with before this.
I would have thought that someone would have sent a team in to get rid of him in a more efficient way than taking him to the War Crimes Tribunal. The UN should also be charged at the WCT for criminal negligence leading to the deaths of thousands of men and boys ordered by Ratko Mladic.
It beggars belief that United Nations soldiers wearing their pretty blue berets had to just stand and watch while innocents were slaughtered.
How could the world's major nations allow this to happen?
The United Nations so called Peacekeeping force is a total farce.
How can one "keep peace" in the middle of a brutal ethnic cleansing or any other petty war or skirmish?
I believe that there should be a UN "peace making force", then monsters like Ratko Mladic and his ilk would be dealt with swiftly. What saddens me even more than that, is that he is considered a hero by his people.
I surely hope that we do not have any of his supporters here in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Wayne C Jessop, Bayfair
Text views
* What a disgrace that 5 councillors actually opposed joining the govts leaky homes package. I am disgusted these 5 believe that the Council holds NO blame!!
* U can plank in front of the pm but adult supervision and safety r paramount. B safe
* What are the expectations of the Mt retailers by the pools as they seen to want everything their way!! If only the Council had supported the major pool upgrade!
* Acc'more for less' already getting that from acc. We are paying 100per cent and getting 80per cent. So who's getting shafted?
* B Sweetman thanks councillors 4 giving up sunday morning. There job is 24/7 however these ones are not seen very often at functions.
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