An array of diverse new events will be coming toTauranga over the next six months.

Tauranga City Council strategic and city events acting manager Jenna Quay says the city is set to host a range of sporting, arts and cultural events including the muchanticipated Paradox:Tauranga Street Art Festival that is expected to bring thousands of visitors. It opens on March 28 and runs through to June 15.

"The festivalis the first of its kind inTauranga and is paradoxicalin its nature not only by bringing street art into a gallery but also by internationally acclaimed artists turning the city into an outdoor gallery, adding to the city's existing display of street art."

Other new events include the We run the Night Half Marathon in March and the World Junior Squash Championships in July, complemented by the city's well established events such as the NZ International Tattoo & Art Expo,Tauranga Half Marathon, National Jazz Festival Tauranga, Easter in the Park and the Anzac Day commemorations, she says.


"Between January and June there are more than 100 events booked on public open spaces alone inTauranga."

The eventindustry and the number of events is growing year on year inTauranga, she says "offering more diverse and quality events in the city, becoming a viable business and career opportunity".

Tauranga City Council has committed to invest $7.725 million over 10 years into major events in addition to the Community Events Fund and increased internal resources to support events in the city.

"Tauranga City Councilis supporting community, city and civic as well as major events taking place across the city, through eventfacilitation, major event sponsorship and community eventfunding.

Tauranga City Council's annual community events fund helps meet the demand of our community for a humming city, especially in the off-season," she says.

"The fund that comprises $50,000 per annum aims to support environmentally responsible events that connect communities, celebrate Tauranga's diversity and make the most of the city's beautiful surroundings."

Council's major events fund allows it to support current events and invest in creating new events in our city.

Residents and visitors can find out more about events happening in the city at