Lee Suckling

Lee Suckling

Chasing the Zeitgeist and sometimes capturing it. Lee Suckling chronicles the thought provoking cultural issues of modern life and tries to add moral reason to 21st century idiosyncrasies.


Never good at staying in one place for too long, Lee Suckling has lived and worked all over the globe in his pursuit of journalistic fame (if there is such a thing). From Auckland to Sydney to London and back again, Lee has managed to squeeze through the doors of renowned titles such as Monocle, Harper’s Bazaar, House & Garden, Belle, and Attitude, and convinced editors to give him work. Lee’s journalistic niche has changed from locale to locale. Home in New Zealand, he writes on technology and the arts, while social commentary and opinion pieces keep his analytic mind active. He also has (subjective) interest in gay issues and modern ethical dilemmas, which often weave their way into his pieces. Much of Lee’s Australian work has been for design and interiors publications, and for UK magazines he has focused on the stories of innovative Antipodeans, travel writing, and cultural comparisons. Lee’s first book, covering the 20-year life and career of Australian sculptors Gillie and Marc Schattner, was published in December 2013. He’s currently undertaking a Master of Journalism whilst pondering a future in academia.

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